Foreigners In Finland

Foreigners in Finland (i.e. Targeting: Immigrants In Finland) are positively increasing. Although immigration is new in Finland it is welcomed in a proper way and the Finnish government has made brief arrangements for this to take place following well designed procedures and systemic and/or organized order. Finland have been welcoming skilled immigrants as well as other Nordic countries do. Foreigners coming to Finland from all over the world causing a multicultural sound in Finland to grow day by day.

Immigrants in Finland are most likely enjoying peace all the time, secured atmosphere, health, education, life style in general, work and pre-work trainings and so on. Day time some are at work, some at school and others training or at a language school studying the language hardly and some unemployed waiting either to get enrolled in a course or a job. Although those working are considered to be relatively a low percentage but it is still to be acceptable If we consider the standards for getting a Job in Finland which is at least to have an intermediate level language skill.

Immigrants or foreigners living in Finland are coming from different backgrounds, each sharing his culture more than in many other immigrant countries and this is due to the frequent interest of some Finn's in knowing about different cultures and multiculturism that they have been suddenly surrounded with. This is because Finland is considered to be one of the new immigrants destinations recently in the past 15 years.

Racism is every where in the world, it is a stable part of world attitude towards strangers ect. Many foreigners in Finland do face racism which is normal due to this new land for immigrants. Finland is a new destination for foreigners and racism is decreasing in Finland on daily basis because of the efforts put towards it and severe punishments established by the justice law in Finland.

Facing racism in Finland has been thought in many place in Finland, there are current organizations fighting it and giving out free lectures on ''how to help stopping and how to reply to racists people''. IF everyone has to reply back in a bad manner to racists people  then it will continue to the worse, so therefore educating people on how to face racism is very essential and it is considered as a positive action towards decreasing the percentage of racism in Finland.

Foreigners facing racism should face it with a simple smile, explaining and doing their best to proof the ''vise versa'' to Finns. Finnish people are by nature kind people, although hard to approach but once you do approach them you will find them more than friendly and understanding, which will take them to ask you questions in which your answers for them will definitely decrease any internal misunderstanding and/or racisms actions. 

There is a high percentage of Finns whom are not racist at once and this is either because their way of thinking and raising atmosphere or because they have traveled abroad a lot, which made them really see foreigners in a worldwide and multicultural view.

The racism in Finland is forgiven, because the Finnish culture and traditions are different in many ways than other cultures. Finn's are quite, patient and don't mix a lot with people and they haven't faced foreigners in their country for ages ago. Then suddenly foreigners come in and live next to them, so what do you expect? The case is being gradually solved and in a few years racism in Finland will for sure disappear at least in major cities where foreigners are living. For example many foreigners now call Helsinki, The ''International Helsinki'' as there are many foreigners facing 0% racism and this is because Finn's learn quickly and they got into understanding the whole idea.

Foreigners going on the right path, following integration steps, learning the language, as quick as possible and getting on trainings and having some aims for a decent job to start paying tax will have great respect from all Finnish people. Mainly the racism is not that clear in Finland and it cannot be easily felt in some cases. Once you ask any Finn if he likes foreigners to live here or not, he will simply answer you saying '' Well I don't mind if he studies or work and pay tax ''.