Finland is a Nordic country located in northern Europe and Finland was a part of the kingdom of Sweden. Along the past years Finland has came to be more recognized worldwide for many reasons, such as, The growing economy, positive political actions and being number one leading in telecommunications technologies such as ''Nokia''. Finland has low population. Although immigration in Finland is considered as still low but it is relatively growing and therefore multiculturism.  

Finland is full of nature, almost everything, every place you can touch nature specially in the summer time which causes tourists to visit coming mostly from European destinations. Once you have visited Finland once, you will want to visit it again for its peace of mind and relaxing surroundings of natural beauty and wonderful pulling attractions from sight seeing and its bright light in the summer time, watching the late sunset on the horizon.

Finland enjoy many multicultural activities, such as festivals in the summer specially at the heart of Helsinki area. Many multicultural associations organizes events through out the mid- summer time. Some associations arrange such events together and some separately depending on their activities and years of being active. 

Finland in the winter time it has its beauty as well but in a different way, by which not all prefer visiting Finland in the winter due to it heavily snow. It still remains beautiful specially when it comes to Christmas time, where the neighborhood is calm, kids playing at the gardens scattered with full snow and building snow man and snow castles. Helsinki center in the winter time is a wonderful place to be.

Finnish people are normally quite people in most cases and traditional, they observe more than talking. They speak only when its necessary to do so. But at the same time very friendly once you approach and speak to them or ask any certain direct question. Although the Finn's are hard to approach people but still the door remains open and welcoming which can be seen from the neutral mode (i.e. not mad not happy not sad) and some of the having a 10% standard welcoming smile on their faces. Of course not comparing how people might be more friendly in other countries, because it always varies from one place to another. Finn's like to read a lot novels, poetries and stores; of course not all like reading but I'm here talking about most of them, while some just enjoy reading news papers.

Most Finn's adore their work and country, they have a good rule in life which is ''Work Hard and Play Hard''. Most of them are honest and trust worthy by nature which is rarely found through out other countries in the area, I believe this is due to their entire system and way of life leading them to have purity in almost all their actions in their lives. You can easy find good, friendly, honest and helpful Finn's all around Finland but at the same time difficult to keep. Meaning that once you've made a friend to meet every weekend might be a challenging thing, due to the normal routine scheduled life in Finland, but at least you can meet once in a while depending one's situation. 

Finland is a freedom country, having freedom in almost everything such as religion, education, life style, way of thinking, expressing freely what ever comes up to your mind. This is achieved 100%  and that is one of the reasons why immigrants find it the best among many other countries.

The law in Finland is not harsh but very fair and I consider it a ''straight and clear'' law. (1+1)= 2. Most of minor penalties in Finland are subject to a fine punishment, based on the case it self. However, in other medium size cases it can be suspended sentences based on previous criminal records (i.e. whether you've been to jail before or not). Then there are also cases that can get community service punishment and so on till straight prison sentence. The point here is that the Finnish law is well classified and organized which makes it easy for Judges to put a suitable and 100% right punishment.